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Ansbach Contemporary Exhibition



Corona Surprise Visit at the Ansbach Contemporary Exhibition

It is a sunny autumn day and we are back at school, greeting faces we haven't seen for a long time. Not less uplifting was our trip to the art exposition “Ansbach Contemporary” on our second day at school. It also meant a comforting start into this school year despite the pervasive presence of the 2020+ pandemic.
The news that the biennial Ansbach Contemporary would also take place this year, was exciting, and not self-evident at all, as the website informs the visitors: It would have almost not been possible, but here it is - optimistically named "IMMER WEITER...". This vast and multi-faceted biennial exhibition is presented in four locations of the “Altstadt” which means that one can combine visiting them with a stroll through Ansbach’s lively historic streets and enjoying the city’s flair in late summer and early autumn.
Dr Streit guided us to the exhibition with pieces of art by 24 artists and our mission was to select the pieces of art of most interest to us, find corresponding ones and, afterwards in class, present and justify our findings.
Originally the exhibition’s name “Contemporary” refers to the ongoing relevance of painting, in all its forms. In spite of having occasionally been looked down upon lately e.g. by media artists, and having been accused of being too simple and tedious, this art form proves to remain effective when it comes to expressing complex emotions and topics.
And expressionist it is! The diversity displayed in the paintings hanging on the walls of the “Kunsthaus” and “Zitronenhaus”, the main venues, mirrors a huge variety of artistic thoughts. Not every piece in Ansbach Contemporary is oil on canvas. We also spotted hybrid and unexpected techniques of creating two-dimensional art, for example by applying sand and fabric, even though the main focus is on classical painting.
Early in this final school year or ours, despite being far from routine, against the background of the large-scale uncertainty we all feel at the moment this excursion conveyed for us, who are mostly attracted to art, a little normality and ease. The freshly brewed coffee also cheered us up.
Elif Kaya 13Sb

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