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Class 13S/IW in front of the Kunsthaus in Ansbach’s Reitbahn.

“Ansbach Art Prize 2021”

It was something completely different for our class 13S/IW: On November 10th 2021 we visited an art exhibition in Ansbach, close to our school, together with our English teacher Dr Streit. We went to see the “Ansbach Art Prize”-show taking place every three years, where artists use the opportunity to present their highly individual views and diverse concepts of the world, revealing them to the public in a wide variety of art styles.

This year, 58 artists from Ansbach and its vicinity had handed in 127 works of art in all kinds of material. They ranged from acrylic paintings to wooden sculptures and even digital art. Every exhibit displayed in the Reitbahn was unique and had a special aura, which allowed us visitors to approach and interpret them in different ways.

Our teacher also assigned us the task to first pick those pieces of art WE found most interesting, irrespective of the decision of the prize jury. This pick had to be linked with a corresponding one. Thus, we were able to immerse ourselves in a multitude of images and to individually and thoroughly assess them. As all these art pieces displayed were fascinating our class fully appreciated the different techniques used by the artists on display, as did the many visitors popping in.

 Later in class, of course, we had to provide good reasons for our judgements, interestingly all deviating from the professionally founded justifications of the professional assessors. Was there an overall tendency in our class? Yes, many of us focussed on the “narrative” idea of what it means to get older, but also on abstract techniques to represent clearly defined ideas, such as the desire of getting out of whatever situation one is in, and on material conceptions.

Visiting this multi-facetted exhibition was a fun experience and since the pandemic doesn’t allow for many trips this school year again, this exhibition was a quite a refreshing outing. Even though all of us would have awarded the Ansbach Art Prize to different artists and their works we are very grateful that we got the opportunity to visit this art show and have fun interpreting such an abundance of art pieces.

Lorena Bionda 13S/IW

Annotation: We are grateful for the kind permission of Gerda Katharina Spatz and Silke Aurora to publish their paintings here.

Silke Aurora‘s paintings, such as her “Zwiegespräch” (“Dialogue”), negotiate questions of memory and age, also one of the captivating leitmotifs of our class this school year.

Silke Aurora‘s paintings, such as her “Zwiegespräch” (“Dialogue”), negotiate questions of memory and age, also one of the captivating leitmotifs of our class this school year.

What is that catching all our attention outside the exhibition hall?

The picture „Ich male mein Glück“ (“I paint my good luck”) by Gerda Katharina Spatz impressively combines colour and structure.

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