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Thrilling English Video-Productions by Students of Fos-Classes 11

Murder, mystery and drugs … and more: Under palpable time pressure students of our 11th Fos-classes created independent video productions. With their individually creative approaches they can be regarded as raw diamonds of ideas, but also as condensed nuclei of full-scale projects, also with huge potential for transformation into full-blown films.

First there was a little input offered by Ms Wissmüller, Mr Holdenried and Dr Streit in the form of watching and analyzing some exemplary short videos from recent video competitions. Second, all the teams of 3 to 5 students were given a number of elements to pick from for devising their own treatments and scripts, and technical instructions for their support. After a conceptive phase came the shooting on mobile phones, sometimes of silent movies, sometimes of shorts including dialogue. By careful editing their scenes all teams showed that they had developed their original, stunningly various audio-visual handwritings and even types of surprising endings which could make some pros blush.

Enjoy while watching them yourself under the links given below.

Dr. Wolfgang Streit

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