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“Typisch Franken” – “Typically Franconian”

On Thursday the 15th of September we, class B12W visited the exhibition “Typisch Franken?”. On the initiative of our English teacher Dr Streit we did not only inform ourselves about Franconia, but also challenged our knowledge about the region most of us call home.

After meeting at the entrance of the exhibition at 9 a.m. and being surprised by a sudden rain shower, we entered the historic and beautiful orangery where the exhibition “Typisch Franken?” was held. No matter what it is, if it has something to do with Franconia, chances were you could find it there. Whether celebrities from the past and present,such as Bavarian Kings, Prussian Chancellor Bismarck and Austrian Empress Sissi or the famous Bratwurst measuring fork, nothing was missing. The historical component was especially crucial: Who owned which lands in Franconia over the centuries, Franconian margraves and their unique lives and stories, the origin of Franconia’s railways, and everything about the spa town that has been visited by international celebrities for centuries - the amount of information on this comparatively small part of the world was breathtaking. We ultimately realised that our home region had much more to offer than meets the eye – and in the class room afterwards gave our presentations on a huge variety of the Franconian topics covered.

Matthias Brosel

The photographs show the class at work preparing for their later presentations in the class room.

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